We’ve pledged our support to make a difference and help ‘Get Carers Connected’ for Carers Week 2019.

To put in place systems to identify carers, proactively connect them to support with their own health and wellbeing, and ensure carers have the information they need to care safely and well.

Berkeley Place Surgery pledge to create an environment where carers are identified and supported to look after their own health and wellbeing while caring for their loved ones which we will achieve by:

  • Setting up an information display during Carers Week, helping to connect families with available support services.
  • Liaising with Gloucester Carers Hub to check what they offer, and how we can work better together to connect and support our carers.
  • Encouraging carers to identify themselves by having posters in the surgery, and by including information about carers on the practice and updating our register of current carers and offering a Carers’ Assessment to all our unpaid carers in June 2019.

Free Skills Development and Training Opportunities for carers in 2020

Gloucestershire Carers Hub

The Carers’ Hub aims to support carers across the region to access a one stop shop for advice and support. They endeavour to be the listening ear and the supportive hand for carers seeking guidance.