Non-NHS Services Table of Charges




Fitness to:
Work (i.e. Private Sick Note) Attend school, do an exam, etc. Travel to participate in a sport/event
£32 without examination

£95 to £135 with exam (dependent on detail)

Holiday Cancellation Certificate/claim form £35
School Fees Insurance claim form £32
‘To whom it may concern’ letter £32
Pre-employment Medical examination £135
Sports medical with report (including driver and scuba) £95-135 dependent on level of detail
Sickness/accident benefit form/provident association claim form (e.g. BUPA, PPP, WPA) £32
Passport photo/form DVLA photo/form £35
Character reference – e.g. Shotgun licence £32
Ofsted confirmation £45
Ofsted Childminder Report £91
Taxi Driver/PCV/LGV Licence Medical Examination Not available
Elderly Driver fitness to drive examination £135
Full Exam with Report or Certificate – Third Party £135
Adoption – full medical (they send price list) £120
Extract from records No charge 
Pro Forma report, £45 per 10 minute, 20 minute report £45 for 10m, £90 for 20m, £135 for 30m
General Practitioner’s Report £105
Additional Information £32+ dependent on level of detail
Computerised records No charge
Manual records or combination of manual/computer records No charge
Copies (excluding postage) 50p per copy
Private ECG recording £88
Blue Badge Advise patient to contact council parking dept
Lasting Power of Attorney – witness/signature £120
Employer’s report and opinion without/with examination £120+ dependent on level of detail
Court of Protection Form £120

For complex reports, or those not specified above, charge is for £45 per 10 minutes of doctor time.

Information about fees with no guidelines